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Japanese Acacia Honey (raw / unheated) | Taste of Japan

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Japanese Acacia Honey (raw / unheated) | Taste of Japan


Japanese Acacia Honey (raw / unheated) | Taste of Japan


100% Pure Japanese Acacia Raw Honey

Package: Bottle

Ingredients / 100% pure honey (Japan)
Production area / Yamanashi Prefecture
Expiration date / 2 years from collection

No Sweeteners
No Preservatives
Non Heated
No Added Flavour
No Stabilisers


Acacia is also known as the queen of honey, and is characterized by its refreshing and easy-to-eat taste. One lick in the morning will wake you up and make your body feel refreshed. The recommended way to eat is a combination of granola, yogurt, and honey. It has been scientifically proven that if you take a spoon full of acacia honey before going to bed at night, you will recover from fatigue faster.

In Japan, domestic honey now accounts for only 6% of domestic distribution. Unheated honey has only 0.2% of the 6% distribution.

Our honey is unheated raw honey harvested at the foot of Mt. Yatsugatake and Mt. Kaikomagatake.

The unheated honey is bottled immediately after harvesting. We do organic beekeeping without using antibiotics for breeding honeybees. Genuine domestic honey sold directly by producers. Domestic, non-heated, organic, the height of rarity cannot be easily tasted.

At Forest Apiary, as a benefit of taking care of the bees throughout the four seasons, we collect only the amount that will not burden the bees. The honey as it is harvested is bottled as it is without any heating or warming and is delivered directly from the producer.

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