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Mayutama's Japanese Fruit Tea | Taste of Japan

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Mayutama's Japanese Fruit Tea | Taste of Japan


Mayutama's  Japanese  Fruit  Tea  |  Taste of Japan

Enjoy delicious fruit tea at home! Yamanashi fruit tea! The fruits are dried  in a short time at a low temperature, so the flavor stays fresh! 

Seasonal fruits are dried using a special vacuum method. When made into fruit tea, the dried fruit will return to its freshness and you can enjoy the fruit after drinking. The gentle taste of Japanese black tea from Yamanashi prefecture is the best match with fruits. You can easily make delicious Japanese fruit tea that is safe and secure. It is also perfect as a gift for your loved ones. Please enjoy "Yamanashi fruit tea" unique to Yamanashi Prefecture, the Kingdom of Fruits.

3 good things about “Japanese Fruit Tea”

1. All ingredients such as fruits and Japanese black tea are produced in Yamanashi Prefecture. Moreover, it is additive-free and safe.

2. A special dry method that uses a vacuum does not impair the aroma and taste, so when you make tea, it will return to its freshness like fresh fruit.

3. Japanese black tea produced in Yamanashi Prefecture is less harsh and astringent than black tea produced overseas, even if it is steeped in hot water for a long time. You can enjoy it for a long time while maximizing the flavor of the fruit.

How to drink delicious Japanese fruit tea

◆Hot Fruit Tea: Remove the desiccant, put the tea bag and dried fruits in the teapot, and pour boiling water. Cover and let it steam for at least 5 minutes before serving. The longer it is steamed, the more flavors such as the sweetness and sourness of the fruit will be extracted.

◆Cold Brewed Fruit Tea: Remove the desiccant, put the tea bag and dried fruit into the bottle and pour water. Refrigerate overnight and serve.

There are 2 Japanese black tea bags, so please adjust the amount and number of times as you like. As a guideline, one tea bag can be extracted with about 500ml of hot or cold water. 


Ingredients (contents: 17g): Japanese black tea, 3 types of fruits from apple, kiwi, strawberry, plum, peach, persimmon, etc.. Changes depending on the season (all products from Yamanashi Prefecture)

No sugar, flavorings or additives

Production area / Kofu city, Yamanashi Prefecture
Expiration date / 12 months from manufacturing date



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